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Consulting Services

Company LEADER offers recommendations for managing the funds on the Russian stock market. There are many ways to earn money in Russian stock market. We can use different tools like: obligations, shares, futures. If you choose low risk, we can offer you obligations. This instrument could replace bank deposit account and you will earn about 8-10% a year. You can earn about 20% a year, if you use speculation strategy with Russian shares, but you will have higher risk then.

Our company has designed a unique algorithmic trading system. This strategy is based on RTS Index future and USD/RUB rate future contracts. How do we use it? When RTS Index decreases we buy USD/RUB contract, because in the crisis times the investors transfer their assets into other currencies. When Russian stock market increases we buy RTS Index futures and open short position USD/RUB contract. This fluctuation happen very often and we can benefit from it. There are risks, but they are minimum. Your return in strategy is always higher, then the yield from your deposit account in a bank. You will not lose your money, because in our strategy we use stop-loss function. If you join to our strategy, you can earn about 60% a year.




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